Recommended Quality Improvement Books

The Improvement Guide

Quality Improvement Through Planned Experimentation

The Health Care Data Guide

Transforming Health Care Leadership


The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance, Second Edition

Making effective changes in how businesses are run has become a matter of survival today. The Improvement Guide offers a fundamental approach that promotes integrated activities designed to eliminate quality problems, reengineer systems to reduce costs, and create new products and services to increase demand.

The Health Care Data Guide

This book is designed for those who want to improve health care. Specifically, this book focuses on developing skills in using data for improvement. Our goal is to help those working in health care to make improvements more readily and with greater confidence that their changes truly are improvements. Using data for improvement is a challenge and source of frustration to many. If any of these questions sound familiar, then this book is for you:

  • How many measures should I be using with most improvement projects?
  • What kind of measures do I need?
  • What tool do I use to display my data? How do I choose the correct chart?
  • Why use a run or Shewhart chart - why don't I just look at aggregated data before and after my change?
  • When do I revise limits on Shewhart control charts?
  • What are 3-sigma limits? Are they different than confidence intervals?
  • How do I best display key organizational data for the board and other senior leaders?

Right now skills related to using data for improvement vary widely in those working to improve health care. We find that, in general, most people are unaware of the difference between approaches to data when it is used for improvement, for accountability, or for research. This book is about using methods and tools, which some people call Statistical Process Control (SPC), to improve health care.


Quality Improvement Through Planned Experimentation:

This breakthrough resource provides the methodology that engineers need to plan and conduct experiments to quantify cause and effect mechanisms in complex systems, and to test whether changes to products, processes and systems are improvements. Case studies of experiments in action, and forms and checklists for designing planned experiments facilitate the adoption of the methods into daily work of engineers, scientists and managers.


Praise for 'Transforming Health Care Leadership'

"The authors of this book provide the necessary tools for health care leaders to build a learning organization that can make the Triple Aim a reality—better patient care, at lower per-capita cost, while learning to improve population health."
   —Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, FRCP, president emeritus and senior fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; former administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

"This book is a must for every nurse leader's library and should be a resource and tool in every graduate nursing program, particularly those who are preparing doctoral students focused on systems leadership. It is full of experiential learning, and brings leadership to life."
   —Alexia Green, RN, PhD, FAAN, professor and dean emeriti, Anita Thigpen Perry School of Nursing, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center