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Quality as a Business Strategy

Throughout the 1980's. Dr. W. Edwards Deming reached thousands of people with his message to transform their organizations to ones based on his concepts of quality. This transformation required a new style of management as well as new philosophies, knowledge and methods. Begun as a template to help organizations incorporate these philosophies and concepts into the ways they managed their organizations, Quality As A Business Strategy includes philosophies, concepts and specific methods for incorporating these changes.

The Improvement Handbook - Model & Methods



People today have access to products and services offered by companies located throughout the world. This handbook provides methods to increase knowledge of customer needs, and to develop and implement changes that will better satisfy those needs. Designed as a reference book, it covers the basics, including the Model for Improvement, teamwork, an overview of the basic improvement tools, the philosophy and theory for improvement, and an extensive discussion of the goals and methods for improvement. Examples and exercises are provided for each subject.

Two versions of the Improvement Handbook are available: 
(1) Standard version - unabridged with 35 chapters
(2) Abridged version - designed to be used with The Improvement Guide and The Health Care Data Guide (VIEW HERE). Chapters that are similar to material in these companion books are removed from the abridged Improvement Handbook (removed chapters: 8, 14, 15, 24-30).